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Sept. 12, 2018
Contact:   Anna Schure, Program Coordinator
         Phone (800) 556-9393, ext. 171

Summary:   Continuing on its 35 year tradition of serving agents and brokers, award-winning Life Quotes, Inc. is now appointing experienced, independent life insurance agents to sell term life and UL policies under its master MGA and BGA contracts. Significant first year commission payouts from our 50 leading life companies when you place your business through Life Quotes, Inc. BrokerageClub Program (see Brokerage ClubCommission Schedule attached here). That's right! Without any volume commitments or requirements, you can now earn top commissions on every sale you make from the nation's most popular term life companies.

Life Quotes BrokerageClub Member Benefits

  • High first year commission payouts on each and every sale without any contract or production minimums! You'll make an average of 100% commission and probably have an average paid premium of $1,000 per policy. If these numbers hold for you, you can expect to make $1,000 average commission per paid policy (see attached Brokerage Club Commission Schedule)
  • Unlimited Use access to use our highly-acclaimed, 50-company quote engine that makes it easy to run comparative proposals in seconds, all customized with your agency information, which includes our perpetual auto-requote system. We make it fast and easy to write life business even when health conditions may exist.
  • Unlimited toll-free help, advice and assistance from us whenever you need it (75 insurance professionals are here at this end ready, willing and anxious to serve you on an ongoing basis). Nothing's more important than the right advice; we're here to back you all the way.
  • We do all of the case management work for you, which allows you to be paperless and free to sell. You and your applicants will appreciate our weekly update notices, which are prepared by us and sent in your name. Talk about effortless!
  • Ability to work from your own home or office; ability to work full-time or part-time
  • Total freedom on your part to sell by phone or by personal visit

We're currently ranked #1 life insurance site by, and we've earned the #1 life insurance Web site recognition by Kiplinger's Personal Finance for two years running. We have been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since December 1, 1997 and have an A+ rating.

Life Quotes has a unique and proprietary quote, illustration, order-entry, case management tracking, delivery and commission tracking system that works. We know it works because our in-house phone sales folks have sold over 360,000 life case through this system.

More Advantages for You

  • You maintain independent contractor status
  • We do all of the case management work for you, which keeps you paperless and frees you up to sell
  • 100% Average Commission Earnings Examples (assumes $1,000 annual premium per policy):
    • Sell 10 term life policies per month makes you $10,000 per month or $120,000 annual
    • Sell 15 term life policies per month makes you $15,000 per month or $180,000 annual
    • Sell 20 term life policies per month makes you $20,000 per month or $240,000 annual
    • Sell 25 term life policies per month makes you $25,000 per month, or $300,000 annual

Life Quotes, Inc. Remote Agent Qualifications

  • You must be actively engaged in selling life insurance now
  • You must hold a valid life insurance license in your state and be in good standing with your state insurance department and any other states you plan to sell insurance.
  • You must have no regulatory history of any consumer complaints or disciplinary actions of any kind
  • You must have no pending or open regulatory complaints or disciplinary actions of any kind
  • You must have no history of arrest or conviction.
  • You cannot currently be involved in a bankruptcy, and no open liens or judgments or pending court dates (we want your company appointment papers to sail through with no problems or delays)

Life Quotes is Safe and Easy-to-do-Business With

  • Founded in 1984, privately held with no debt
  • Partnership culture pervades - you'll always deal directly with owner-founder who are sales people who think like you do
  • Our online order placement and case management systems frees you up to make more sales without getting bogged down in paperwork
  • No costly "field manager" structure - you'll always deal directly with Life Quotes personnel on day-to-day basis

Questions and Answers

Life Quotes BROKERAGE CLUB Program

Your first year commission payouts are high, much higher than what I'm earning now. How can you afford to do this?

We can do this because our quotation, illustration, order-entry and case management systems are highly efficient and already built and paid for. Hence, our case management costs are low. So from our perspective, it makes good business sense to pass this savings along to our Brokerage Club members in the form of higher first year commission payouts. We think this is the best way to build agent loyalty and a sustaining business. Once you write an application through our system, and get your customer through the paramedic exam, we'll then review the case, submit the case, shepherd it through underwriting and deliver it to your client, all in and under your name. We'll keep you (and your customer) fully informed with written weekly updates that are produced here and sent out in your name with a cc to you. This keeps you paperless and keeps the customer fully informed every step of the way. If there's a rate-up or decline, you'll be immediately notified by e-mail. This efficiency allows us to pass through to you the overwhelming lion's share of the total agency commission. By launching with high commission payouts from the start, we want you to succeed FAST and stay with us forever! Commissions will be paid to you once per month by the 15th of the month following our receipt of such commissions from the various insurance companies.

Is there any cost to me to join the Life Quotes Brokerage Club?

No, there is no cost to have access to the program.

As a Brokerage Club member, will I become appointed with each of your life companies?

Yes, as you write cases over time. We'll handle the appointments as you write applications, except in states that require pre-appointments. Remember, you will have to meet the appointment requirements of each of our companies as you write business in order to receive commissions on paid policies. We will seek to get you appointed at the time of your first application with each company.

Will your own call center and direct sales operations compete with me in any way?

No. Control and ownership of your leads and your prospects is absolutely assured. In the unlikely event that one of your entered prospects should contact us to buy online or by phone, we'll gladly code that order to you so that you receive full Brokerage Club commission and credit.


Consider it a positive that we sell insurance from our 60 to 80 agents over the country using our system to sell policies through the same process you will be selling This tells you that the system works and that it was designed completely from the ground up from the agent and broker's perspective.

Will you give my staff and me training to get started?

Absolutely! All Life Quotes Brokerage Club members can attend online training sessions on how to use our system from A to Z. Each session last about an hour, and more personalized training and assistance is always available if you need it. We'll also explain our case management system and give you valuable marketing and sales pointers. After that, you can always call us toll-free and get assistance. You'll be using the same quotation and order-entry system that you see at, except that we will NOT ever call on your leads. Please visit

I've never sold term life insurance before. Should I pursue this opportunity with you?

No. This program is designed only for experienced term life agents and brokers who know how to sell and are looking for an efficient, high-commission platform to place business through. We do not have the training resources to teach you the life insurance business under this program. We only recommend this system for people who have one or more years of life insurance sales experience.

Where can I see a copy of the Life Quotes Brokerage Club commission schedule?

The Commission Schedule is attached here and is always accessible from your account with us. Note that it pays you a percentage of our net commission received, which means that selling annual premiums helps cash flow for both of us and also means that you agree to be financially responsible for chargebacks to us that result in premium or commission refunds.

You mentioned in your ad that you provide marketing materials. What materials can you provide?

All Remote Agents will have access to sample form letters and emails to send to their customers. We have found these letters to be very successful in getting callbacks from customers who are interested in purchasing life insurance.

Can I buy fresh life leads from Life Quotes?

No but we do have several sources for leads. For more information e-mail

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